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LiftSmart is a privately-held, family-owned and operated company much like the many independent rental companies it serves throughout the world. The company manufactures portable, telescopic material lifts (commonly referred to as duct lifts) for the construction and equipment rental markets and is located in Vista, California. LiftSmart consists of manufacturing, design engineering, and sales professionals who have successful industry track records and proven experience and is headed up by a husband and wife team - Steve and Kristi Citron, who have both been involved in the lifting industry for many years. They first met at a then small lift manufacturing company called Genie¹ Industries in 1985.

Kristi started in the warehouse and later ended up in the sales department providing outside sales support and assisted in coordinating most of the Genie customer-focused events that were being held leading up to, and just beyond, the turn of the century, during the "heyday" growth period of the lift industry.

Steve started in manufacturing, assembling push-around personnel lifts in 1984, and worked his way up the ladder into various supervisory and management positions before moving into a project management and product development role that included defining product design requirements and leading development teams in introducing half of Genie’s product lines before he eventually departed from the company in 2003 to pursue a career at Bil-Jax¹, a 60-year old Mid-West American scaffold company located in Archbold, Ohio, that was looking to transform itself into a leading trailer-mounted boom lift manufacturer.

After a few more moves within the industry, they landed in Vista, California with their own manufacturing company in 2011. The Great Recession of 2008 really changed how they looked at things. They could have started a company by outsourcing products and major components from Asia or India, like many manufacturers are doing today, but they felt that enough job creation has occurred abroad and so they decided to create a company, using North American suppliers, focusing on domestic job creation, and doing what they could to help rebuild the US economy. In their opinion it is the right thing to do as people have to be able to make a living to support their families – and with two young boys of their own, they understand this firsthand.

​That’s why LiftSmart products are 100% US made. When you buy LiftSmart products you are truly investing in North American jobs, and not just in California - but throughout their entire US-based supply chain, spread across 12 states. That’s important for the employees at the Colson Caster Company, a 132-year old American institution, located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and one of the last, if not the only, remaining company that actually manufactures casters in the United States.

It’s also important for employees of Dutton-Lainson, established in 1886 and located in Hastings, Nebraska, where they have been making high-quality winches for over a half century. The list goes on and on, from Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, and throughout and across the US - every LiftSmart machine produced helps to provide and/or maintain domestic US-based jobs. These quality US suppliers are also backing their products with superior warranties. For example, Colson is providing a three-year limited warranty on their wheels and casters and Dutton-Lainson is providing a five-year warranty on the two-speed winch that comes standard on every LiftSmart machine. This says a lot about the overall quality of the components used in LiftSmart products and the companies that make them.

The company also believes in providing full customer satisfaction as the early years at Genie¹ taught the LiftSmart team what is ultimately important - and that is their customers. It’s not all about the numbers, as that is merely a byproduct of doing the right things by your customers - taking care of your customers is what creates value and long-term satisfaction.

Not only are LiftSmart products made in the USA, they also feature advanced designs, providing the "next generation" of material lifts - due to performance enhancements and the unique, patent-pending features they have incorporated into their machines, compared to the older 1990-based designs of competitive models. The company is well positioned to provide outstanding quality, delivery, and service support to the rental industry. They can service your needs and these types of lifts have a proven, longstanding track record for providing rental companies with an exceptional return on investment.

​¹Genie is a registered trademark of Terex Corporation, and Bil-Jax is a registered trademark of the Haulotte Group, in the USA and many other countries.
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